Parsua Sana’at Middle East

The first subsidiary of Parsua Industrial Group is Parsua Sana’at Middle East Company, which has been established for nearly two decades. The initial field of activity of the company was the supply of mineral, chemical raw materials and ferroalloys and melt additives and melting aid...


Parsua Faravar Iraninan

Parsua Faravar Iranian Industrial and Mining Company is a manufacturer of chemical raw materials with advanced manufacturing technology. The factory complex, very close to Tehran, will supply part of the needs of chemical and mineral raw materials and high-tech engineering ceramic parts (hightech) in the country .


Parsua Ta’amin Investment

Parsua Ta’amin Investment Company will also operate under the Parsua Industrial Group. Investment in the market of raw materials, metallurgy, foundry, related equipment and engineering projects,...


Roshan Foundation

A group with the aim of carrying out charitable and non-profit affairs that complements the other companies of the Parsua Industrial Group. Doing good deeds, such as doing business and earning money, should be pursued professionally and seriously.


We hope to provide increasing success for the future of the whole world with the help of all members of the industry.

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